Cannot believe that I get the opportunity to deck out this boat in Sydney for one of my Weddings! Its going to be beautiful! Amazing where you can end up when you are willing and expectant! 

Crown her with Flowers

One of my good friends from Melbourne gave me the honour of crowning her 
with a floral halo for her Sydney engagement Party. 
She did such a beautiful job of wearing it. She looked like a Greek Goddess. 

BLESSED Beyond Belief

Something which I have discovered in the short time we have being running this business is the incredible support from friends and family. And as a result this year I will be involved in 6 weddings. I can’t believe it! Would never have imagined it! 
So, a huge thank you to everyone who has recommended me and who has given me the pleasure to ‘flourish’ your wedding!
One of my designs for my 21st Birthday Party